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Wedding Stage Décor Ideas

Wedding Stage Décor Ideas

Indian Wedding decorations have surpassed the simple standard of hanging flowers and scrunching up drapes to complement them. With the times are getting modern and innovation on the rise, more and more creative ideas spring up each year commencing a new trend in wedding décor. There is going back and it’s time to embrace and experiment with the in-vogue wedding stage backdrop ideas. Let’s explore a few you can go for on your big day.

Wedding Décor Ideas

Floral Backdrop in White and Red

A decked-up stage with a backdrop adorned with a cascade of white and red fresh flowers to light it up with a soft pinkish glow. The perfect setting to uplift your spirits and give the wedding pics the kind of vibes they need.

Boho-Style Stage

Another way is to implement icy white fur and flowers to give your stage a celestial feel and make your wedding moments unforgettable. Lit up with pink light in the center, it gives you the spotlight you deserve on your D day.

A Multihued Peachy Backdrop

Do you want to have a fairytale wedding that feels almost like a dream? Then this one is just for you. Floral blooms and foliage accents add the perfect royal feel to the setup, giving the entire stage a splendid look.

A Shimmery and Starry Stage

A stage adorned with handcrafted flowers and other shimmery golden and silver strings and other intricate decorative elements, making the center-place look like a place in heaven. This magical setting is perfect for the ones who have a taste for the ornamental.

Dome-shaped Mandap with Floral complements

An antique-style floral mandap lit up with the soft glow of multi-colored lights and the elegance of fresh flowers to give your wedding stage a historical essence. This style is a unique one and is just the one for you if you are looking for something out of the box.

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