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Wedding Gifts under Rs.1000

Wedding Gifts under Rs.1000

Weddings are the most momentous occasion of anybody’s life. It is the time when a newlywed couple begins a new phase of their lives. You can make the special moments of your dear ones memorable with these unique wedding gifts under would fit in your budget perfectly.

Following are a list of Wedding Gifts

1. Jewelry Set

Jewelry is the essence of Indian Weddings and they both go hand in hand. Although Gold is the first choice for wedding jewelry, if you are limited by your budget, you may opt for Artificial jewelry that is easily available in the market and on many online sites.

2. Makeup Kit

Newlywed brides are fond of makeup and looking all beautiful and enticing. A properly selected makeup kit might just be your perfect wedding gift.

3. Junyali Doll

The cute traditional Pahaadi Doll adorned as a bride could be a unique and gratifying present for the newlywed couple, especially for a garhwali one. A reminder of their special day, the Junyali Doll could be a perfect wedding gift for the couple.

4. Customized Scent

Customized scents are a recent entry that quickly gained popularity in the market. You could print the couple’s names and your message on their favorite scent bottle and gift it to them.

5. Personalized Wedding Frame

Bring a big smile to the pretty faces of the newlywed couple with this special gift on their big day. Something that would always be with them in the years to come. Get their names and your wishes for them printed along with their cutest pic on a wedding frame as a unique wedding gift.

6. Aromatherapy Gift Basket

Aromatherapy is great for both the body and mind. Gifting your loved ones something they can really benefit from is the most amazing idea. An aromatherapy basket may contain essential oils and body salts made from natural plant extracts meant to enhance physical and emotional health. These baskets are easily available online.

7. Handmade Gifts

Handmade gifts are the best to make someone feel special and loved. The time and effort that goes into giving them a personal touch certainly makes them a unique choice as a wedding gift. There are several items you could choose from to please your special ones. Handmade wedding cards, Handmade Jewelry, Handmade Diaries, Bracelets, and Decorative are some of them.

Good Luck with choosing the best wedding gift for your dear ones.

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