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Wedding Cake Trends in 2021

Wedding Cake Trends in 2021

A wedding cake is a creation for an exultant celebration such as a wedding often delicately adorned with flowers. It’s lovely and undoubtedly delicious. But it is not just a cake, it’s something more. There is a history that backs up this confection.

The Meaning of Wedding Cakes

In the Roman Era grains of wheat symbolized fertility and were thrown at the bride to ensure prolificacy. Similar traditions were followed in Greece which involved loaves of grain. With the evolution of marriages, wheat began to be baked into cakes. The Wedding cake designs we see today are the morphed forms of the more traditional Roman and Greece cakes.

It is also not uncommon for the newlywed couple to conserve the top tier of their wedding cake for their first anniversary.

Top Wedding Cakes Trends in 2021

Small Cakes

It is really never about how big the cake is. Wedding cakes are meant to make a statement. So, it’s all about grace and elegance. Also, with a subsequent rise in more intimate weddings since the last year, couples are going in for smaller cakes to celebrate their big day.

Intricate Designs

To make any aspect of your wedding memorable, you need to infuse it with thoughtful choices that represent your very persona. So is the case with your wedding cake. Go in for the design that defines you as a couple.

Single Serving Mini Cakes

If you love the idea of a wedding cake but aren’t a very big fan of the conventional tiered ones. You can go for these mini cakes that are both cute and delicious, down-sized to look like a pastry, just more elegant.

Transcend Convention

Are cakes not your thing? Give this a try. There is a multitude of options from cheesecakes to doughnut towers. These uniquely fulfill your wishes for a wedding cake, giving it a tinge of the contemporary at the same time.

Personalized Hand-Painted Cakes

If you want your wedding cake to stand out, go for this one. Personalized wedding cakes are just beginning to get into vogue. A custom cake is going to let out your story more effectively than anything else.

The list of choices for the types of wedding cakes is enormous. Go for the one that clicks you best. 

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