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Triyuginarayan A Celestial Wedding Destination

Triyuginarayan A Celestial Wedding Destination

Times have changed, modernization is rising, and couples today prefer resorts, hotels, or banquet halls for wedding ceremonies. But there are still millennials who choose to have their nuptials solemnized in a spiritual ambiance and if you wish to have a spiritual wedding to take your vows with religious eminence then Triyuginarayan is a place to go. Perched amidst panoramic vistas of the Himalayas, Triyuginarayan is an absolute celestial wedding destination to have your marriage.

Triyuginarayan is a revered temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu where Tri means three. Yug means Epoch, and Narayan for Lord Vishnu and is said to have existed for all the prior 3 yugas.

Religious Significance of Triyuginarayan 

God Shiva & Goddess Parvati got married at this very temple three eons ago. Where According to the lore, Lord Brahma played the priest and Lord Vishnu marked his presence as the brother of Goddess Parvati and did her Kanyadaan. The presence of the holy trinity of the Hindu religion further elevates the spiritual aura of the place Triyuginarayan to thus being a celestial wedding destination.

Historical Significance 0f Triyuginarayan 

Adi Shankracharya Ji built the temple some 1200 years and in architecture, it very much resembles the Kedarnath temple. Many features within the temple bounds bear testimony to the legend. Meanwhile, an eternal fire set to have been lit up on the occasion of the Shiv-Parvati wedding keeps burning unceasingly at this shrine, thus giving it the name ‘Akhand Dhuni’. The place also has a stone landmark called Brahma Shila marks the exact spot where the wedding took place within the temple premises.

The stream running in the temple courtyard is the source of four sacred ponds located in the temple. The Rudra Kund for bathing, the Vishnu Kund for cleansing, the Brahma Kund for sipping water, and the Saraswati Kund for offering libations.

The ashes of Eternal Fire are to bring conjugal happiness if taken & placed at home. Couples who solemnize their wedding at Triyuginarayan have the divine bond of seven births.

Let us know how exuberant the thought of having a wedding at a place like this makes you feel. And do share with us what other wedding destinations Uttarakhand has that carry religious significance.

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