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Ten Ways of Draping a Saree

Ten Ways of Draping a Saree

The wedding season has begun and with it, has started the rush to get the most attractive attires. Women are leaving nothing untried from lehengas and ghagra cholis to shalwar kameez and sarees.

Instead of looking for your perfect outfit in the crowded bazaars or emptying your brains on online shopping sites and then struggling with fitting issues, why not try something different this time. You can do so much more with a saree than you ever thought. With just one saree you can make 10 amazing styles that would be both beautiful and attractive. Let’s find out how!

Neck Drape Style

This is a style pretty easy to try. You just have to wrap the pallu around your neck like a scarf. You can also change the style of the pallu to anything to like. The only thing to take care of is that you will need to keep the length of the pallu a bit longer than usual.

Belt Draping Style

All you need to do for this one is to wear your saree as you normally do and then tie a belt around your waist over the saree that would act as a girth for it. If you want to go for a more traditional look, you can use a Kamar bandh instead. It would make you look more attractive.

Mumtaaz Style

If you are a fan of retro styles, then this one is for you. It belongs to Mumtaaz and was portrayed in the movie Ram Aur Shyaam. The secret to achieving this style lies in the layering of your saree. Here, instead of making it into straight layers, all you have got to do is wind the saree in rounds.

Dhoti Style

This draping style is so offbeat. To try this one, you have got to use legging instead of a petticoat. This one is a bit tricky but it looks amazing when properly done.

Mermaid Draping Style

This draping style will make you dazzle like a mermaid. It might look like a lot of work but all it takes is a number of extra tucks and pinups. This draping style spreads from below the pleats like the tail of a mermaid and is quite a unique style.

Butterfly Draping Style

This is another draping style to try out if you are done draping your saree the conventional way. It will not only make you look beautiful and stylish but also a bit slimmer. And it really is no work at all. Just make a few extra pleats of your pallu and pin it up to your blouse near the shoulder.

Pant Draping Style

This is super stylish and comfortable. What this draping style does is that it requires you to wear a pant under your saree instead of a petticoat. It is one idea to try for the next wedding you are planning to attend.

Pre-stitched Gown Style

This is the draping style to try if you are looking for an absolutely killer outfit idea. The choice of your blouse is going to be the crux of this draping style. You could use a sequined, net, jacket-styled, or peplum-styled blouse for the pre-stitched gown style. It is an easy drape style but it separates you from the crowd.

Lehenga Style

Do you want to go for a lehenga to attend the next wedding but don’t want to spend much? Then this draping style is just for you. It might look like a tough job to ace but it is actually pretty simple. You just have to pleat the entire saree leaving some for the pallu, of course.

Front Pallu Style

This draping style is the easiest one when it comes to making it. All you have got to do is carry the pallu of the saree from the back over to your right shoulder. You could also go for the Gujarati style and spread out the pleats.

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