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Suit, Sherwani or Traditional Pahaadi Wear

Suit, Sherwani or Traditional Pahaadi Wear

Your wedding day is closing in, the preparations are picking up pace and you are still not sure about what you are going to wear for your big day. Fret not, for we have got your back. It’s your wedding day, probably the most important day of your life and the eyes are going to be all over you. How are you going to look? You have got to grab a complementing outfit and appear the most photogenic than you ever have. There is a multitude of choices when it comes to groom wear. The most common ones are a Suit or a Sherwani and also a Traditional Pahaadi Wear if it’s about a Pahaadi wedding. Let’s have a look.

Groom Wear: Sherwani

When it comes to giving Indian Weddings a traditional touch with an essence of ethnicity, a sherwani is an outfit to go for. Sherwanis give you too unique to look to stand out on any special occasion. With a wide range of styles from embroidered to ones embellished with ornaments, sherwanis complement all special events perfectly. The thing is sherwanis is that the length becomes a factor to be considered when it comes to shorter grooms. Also, you are not going to wear your wedding sherwani that often on the forthcoming occasions.

Groom Wear: Suit

Suits are elegant modern wear that comprises many styles and is available as both readymade and custom-tailored designs. Suits being lesser towards the traditional side, give you are more contemporary feel. If you wanna go beyond conventions and give the western silhouettes a try, then there is an assortment of choices ranging from tuxedos, the notch lapel to the double-breasted suit. They are not only an assurance to you rocking the ramp on your special day but they can be worn as and when needed on occasions succeeding your wedding.

Groom Wear: Traditional Pahaadi Wear

Garhwali people are characterized by a deep belief in their traditions and customs. Although the traditional attire for pahaadi grooms is a dhoti-kurta, grooms are experimenting with the outfit to look fabulous on their D-Day. A blend of the traditional and complementary gives them an eye-catching appearance. The traditional never goes out of fashion and you can count on a traditional pahaadi silhouette to make you look gracious on your wedding day.

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