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Significance of Mehndi Ceremony

Significance of Mehndi Ceremony

‘Mehndi lagaake rakhna…Doli Sajaake rakhna’

The euphoria of Indian weddings begins with the mehndi ceremony. Mehndi is an indispensable feature of Indian traditions. The mehndi ceremony before marriages is a delightful and fun-filled event where besides the bride-to-be, the ladies of the family gather to apply henna on their hands. Even the groom might do the same in some traditions. Besides being an exhilarated event, the mehndi ceremony holds great cultural importance as well.

Tradition Value

Mehndi is known to be one of the earliest forms of body art that have ever existed. Its usage dates back to the early Vedic age. Adornment of the bride and the groom with mehndi before marriage is one of the oldest Indian traditions. Application of mehndi to her hands and feet falls under the ‘solah shringaar’ of the bride-to-be. The name of the groom is often hidden in the mehndi design on the bride’s hand. Mehndi depicts the holy bond of marriage and is thus, considered a ‘Shagun’ (sign of good luck).

Popular Beliefs

  • It also signifies the love of the couple and between their families as well.
  • It is believed that the deeper the color of mehndi and the longer it persists, the deeper is the love of the couple.
  • The color of mehndi is deemed to be an indication of understanding between the bride and her mother-in-law.
  • Mehndi is also considered to be symbolic of fertility.
  • It is also said to ward off the evil to create an auspicious setting for the couple to commence their new journey.

Medicinal Value

Apart from ritualistic value, mehndi has associated medicinal properties too. The herb is known to enhance to benefit the skin and enhance the growth of nails. It also provides a cooling and relaxing effect that helps to soothe headaches, stress, and fever. Fighting off viruses is another added benefit.

Thus, apart from being another way to look gorgeous, bridal mehndi holds deep traditional and scientific significance as well.

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