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Role of Astrology in Weddings

Role of Astrology in Weddings

Astrology: An Ancient Science

Astrology comes from the Greek words ‘Astra’ and ‘Logos’, meaning star and logic respectively. Though, the modern era of technology might have caused a shift in focus away from such practices. But astrology is undeniably an ancient science that dates back ages. It is the study of the movements of stars and planets that influence our everyday lives. Astrologers are experts who can read these celestial positions and movements and predict future events. And that’s exactly where horoscope matching comes into the picture.

How Astrology can help us

Whether you believe it or not, but every moment in time has a certain meaning. There is no coincidence in this universe. Everything has a reason. The people you meet, the events that take place in your life, the things you do have a cause behind them. Astrology is logic that helps you find out those very reasons to improve your life in any way possible. There are times in life when you just don’t understand why certain things just keep happening to you. Astrology might be the answer to that why.

Role of Astrology in Marriages

Astrology is an indispensable part of every aspect of our lives. The time of the occurrence of any event plays a very significant role. The time of our birth and the position of the stars at that very moment is what influences our life ahead. That’s exactly what’s mentioned in the child’s astronomical chart or ‘janm patri’. This defines our personal horoscope just like a roadmap for the journey of life. It also describes your characteristics like what kind of a person you would turn out to be, the kind of goals you would take on, your behavior, physical and mental strength, etc. That’s why the matching of birth charts for marriages becomes important.

Marriages are eternal bonds and are meant for a lifetime. Thus, for a harmonious relationship, it is necessary to match the ‘kundalini of the bride and groom-to-be. This gives an idea of how their upcoming conjugal life would be. It includes matching the gunas, doshas, nakshatras, etc. But in simple terms, it is just about finding similarities between the two for a good relationship.

Once the ‘kundali match, the astrologer finds an auspicious time for marriage and related pre-wedding events by predicting the positions of various stars. Thus, marriage astrology is a means to ascertain a pious beginning and a beautiful future to your married life.

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