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Make your Wedding Invitation Stand Out

Make your Wedding Invitation Stand Out

So you are just starting off with your wedding invitations. Not sure where to start? Relax, we’ll help you out.

Your wedding card is the first peek your guests are going to have into your wedding day, so you definitely want to make it shine. Your wedding is one of the biggest celebrations. On the same note, your wedding invitation should be as elegant and unique. There are a number of factors to consider to go for just that. We’ve discussed them here.

Your Wedding Style

Apart from listing the locations and time for various events, an Indian wedding invitation portrays the style of your wedding. So, you should first get acquainted with the kind of wedding you are throwing-classic and traditional, modern or casual. Your wedding card should define and go with the very style you choose. So, always go for the one that hits the same note.

Colours that Attract

Colours bring things to life. The choice of colours for your card should be well thought of. The traditional designs usually ivory, white or cream card stock with gold or black font. Though, you could experiment and go for any colour that clicks you. Giving metallic fonts and liners a try might brighten your invite. All colours are beautiful, just keep the readability in mind.

The Shape and Size

Conventional wedding cards are generally 4.5 inches x 6.25 inches. But newer shapes are getting into vogue with couples trying square, scalloped and circular cards. Just choose the one that goes perfectly with the theme you have in mind. Also, keep in mind that getting the card larger and bulkier will increase the postage cost as well.

Make it Expressive

The right choice of words and the style of writing and symbolism can make the invite more interactive. If you want yours to stand out and effectively express to your guests what you want to convey, wording the invitation wisely is important. Also, remember to recheck that you haven’t missed anything.

Never Overcrowd

Do not try to fit in too much information about your wedding card. Overcrowding might make it appear messy and harder to read. List only the key points like the venue, the hosts, yours and your fiancé’s name and other necessary info. Keep it simple and elegant.

These were some tips for your wedding card design. Happy Creating!

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