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Make Glasses your Wedding Style

Make Glasses your Wedding Style

Do you wear glasses? Can’t decide whether you should swap them for contact lenses on your wedding day.

Most brides who wear glasses feel the need to ditch them for their wedding and go in for contacts instead. There are others too whose specs define their signature style and they just wouldn’t part with them. Well, real beauty is being your true self. And if you plan to include your frames as a wedding accessory to enhance your looks, we’ve got some tips to help you with that.

A-Frame Style that Complements

Your glasses are a part of your persona and they are going to reflect who you are as an individual. Further, if you want them to go with your attire on your special day. You can pick out a frame that complements your look both in terms of color and design. There is a wide range of wedding eyeglasses available.

Anti-Glare Lenses

The real problem with wearing glasses at your wedding is the reflection of the sun or camera flash you see on them in the photos. And that can spoil an otherwise beautiful picture. You never want to miss the look in your eyes in your wedding pics. It is absolutely worth spending some extra money on anti-glare lenses for your treasured memories.

Shop with your Glasses On

Once you’ve chosen the frame style for your wedding, take them with you to shop for your outfits. You want to make sure that your dresses and specs go perfectly with each other. It’s about balance. Consider dresses that make you look the most beautiful.

A Backup Pair

If you have worn glasses for quite some years now, you might already have carried a backup pair with you all the time. This is especially essential on your wedding day. With other important things to take care of, this might just slip through your mind. But having an extra set is going to relieve you a great deal in case something goes astray.

Correct Makeup

The right application of makeup can make a bride appear even more attractive. And this is impeccable for bespectacled brides. Makeup artists know the exact quantity of eyeliner to be applied so that it complements rather than conflicts with your frame. They can add the perfect amount of sparkle to make your eyes look gorgeous and natural still.

Whether you go for bridal eyewear or not, either way, you are going to look fabulous if you are your true self.

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