Junyali – First Pahadi Musical Doll

Hi, I am Junyali, Junyali is first ever Pahadi Musical Doll. Junyali “is Garhwali / Kumaouni Word which means Moonlight. This product is not only an example of creativity but also demonstrates our intention to bring cultural awareness and educate the child-mind with the help of toys. Many parents dream that they should listen to their children speaking our rich cultural language or at least they know it. That is why we dreamed of this musical doll for our children so that from their young age they would also take interest in our culture and language and be attracted to them.

Junyali represents the women of Pahad by her costumes, music, ornaments, and accessories. Junyali represents the culture of Uttarakhand. Kids want to play with Junyali where adults want to keep her to add more beauty in their house/resort/restaurants/offices etc.

Junyali is positivity and a ray of cultural light that want to light the whole world with pahadi culture

We believe that you liked our effort and you will continue to support us in this way.


F-76/77, 3rd Floor. Jeewan Park Uttam Nagar, New Delhi - 110059

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