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‘’ Photography is a love affair with Life ‘’

                                                                        Charlie Waite

Above quote by Waite,an award-winning English landscape photographer,defines me and my life the best.Photography has been my passion since I was a kid.Photography is one of the most salient aspects of my life,it gives me creative fulfillment,it helps me express myself artistically,it is my creative outlet.It so happened that as a toddler, games and sports just never appealed to me,my childhood years were spent playing with the camera and thus began the life long romance with Photography.

The art of Photography,it runs in my family.It was my father who introduced me with the camera and my uncle who was an ardent photographer,played a vital role in boosting my talent.My father and uncle’s substantial guidance and support enabled me to established myself as a prominent photographer.

To me, photography is an art of musing,a vision,an imagination,composition and lighting.I contemplate my surroundings through my lens.My skill set,adroitness and flair allows me to use them to their greatest capacity.

I haven’t had any real formal training in photography.I’ve been interested in photography since my salad days and all my training has been self taught and anything I’ve learned has come with meaningful observations,making mistakes and with lots of practice.

Photography had always been a hobby of mine and i am so fortunate to have been able to turn my hobby into my passion,my profession.

‘’ It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter’’

    Alfred Eisenstaedt’s above quote always inspire me.


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