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Latest Trends in Weddings

Latest Trends in Weddings

The year 2021 has begun and so has a new era of weddings. We have all been hoping for the Covid-19 spread to end but it just doesn’t cease to persist which indicates the trend of smaller weddings to stay for the time being. But every cloud has a silver lining and so will this one. Once the ongoing conditions settle down a little, things will soon start to perk up and people will be on their way to make their wedding plans a reality. To get you going with the Latest Trends in Weddings in 2021, here’s an overview.

Latest Trends in Weddings

The Eye for Detail

With the restrictions having forced weddings to take a compact form, comes the opportunity to refine every little detail. No matter if the wedding on the cards is grand or humble, the doorways for creativity are always open and you can devise newer plans to make your wedding happening.

A Thought for Nature

The portion of the population that amidst the celebrations gives a thought to the impact their carousing is going to have on the environment, is on the rise. This has led to an increasing number of couples making eco-friendly decisions when it comes to planning their wedding ceremonies.

Yes to Traditions

Traditional outfits like the Banarasi and Kaanjeevam sarees and lehengas accompanied by many other embroidered silhouettes are beginning to make a comeback into the wedding vogue. Brides to feel great to go traditional on their big day.


There is no better source of happiness than to make someone else happy. Many are looking to contribute for a reasonable cause to give their marriage a deeper essence than just celebrations.

Home is the Best Destination

The corona pandemic, having taught a lot of other things has given newer ideas for weddings too. Destination weddings have seen a steep decline in the Covid era, leading to people turning to hotels to give their guests a blend of both destination and domestic.

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