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Innovative Decor Ideas for Weddings

Innovative Decor Ideas for Weddings

Weddings ceremonies are all about grace, elegance, and grandeur and what would you not do to make yours stand out. Your perfect outfit, delectable food, harmonious music, a positively ambient venue are surely enough to have a great wedding function. But stop right there! Did the décor just slip through your mind? A wedding venue is just another space for your wedding without the right décor. It’s the innovative décor ideas that accord the venue with the enchantment to make your ceremony a celestial one. There are various décor options. Get creative and choose from for your special day.

String Lights

Lighting is an important aspect of décor that will cadence your reception. String lights hung from the ceiling of your reception space give it a romantic ambiance. If you have an outdoor venue, you can intertwine the lights amidst the leaves and branches of trees to give it a capricious appearance.

Ceiling Drapes

The power of fabric is not to be underestimated. For a pleasant finish, hang string lights above the cloth to cast a light glow all over the space. You could go for white drapes to keep it simple and beautiful or experiment with other colors to impart a trendy look.

Paper Lanterns

Go eco-friendly to make your wedding a fairytale legend. Hang biodegradable paper lanterns over the entire space to cast a soft radiance. These soothing lights will transform your wedding into a beautiful dream.

Hanging Flower

Flowers are the life of any ceremony and nothing will impart more splendor to your venue than to add fresh flowers to the décor. Hanging flowers from the ceiling above the eating area will surely make your arrangements stand out.

Balloon Arch

A balloon arch besides looking trendy will transform your reception into a youthful event. It could act as the backdrop, be used around the sweetheart table, or placed at the entrance to guide your guests in the right direction.

Greenery Walls

Statement florals are just beginning to get into vogue and are the right choice to make your wedding reception stand out. They can be used as backdrops at multiple places including your ceremony altar, the reception space, or for a photoshoot. A cluster of greens will impart your function a unique flair.

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