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How to Plan Your Wedding

How to Plan Your Wedding

Getting married? Don’t know where to start. Let us help you out.

Marriages are no doubt amazing and lively events. But their planning might usually just be the opposite. The planning process for marriages in India generally commences months before the actual event. There is often so much to take care of and consider that things might start slipping through your mind. Well! That’s okay, we’ve got you covered. Let us have a look at some of the important points to remember, on how to plan an Indian wedding.

The Wedding Date

The first step is obvious as you would need to know when for your wedding is scheduled in the first place, before making any further preparations. Indian priests usually declare the wedding date, based upon astrological calculations. Most people have their family priests or pandits for such occasions, but if you don’t, you can sure look for a suitable one on

Set a Budget

This has been placed at the second position for a reason. Once you get to know when your wedding is to take place, the next most important step is to clarify how much you are actually willing to spend in all. Because although weddings are known to be lavish events and couples sometimes tend to take things a little beyond their scope, still everything has a limit. And deciding that limit is one of the early things you should do. 

Narrow Down on the Wedding Type

Destination weddings are quickly getting in vogue but the conventional ones are not completely out of fashion either. How you want your great day to be, is entirely up to you. But this has to be worked upon in the early stages of planning.

Prepare a Guest List

You should know well in advance who is going to be present for your D Day. This is going to help you out a great deal in knowing what and how much to look for in all aspects of the ceremonial preparations to follow.

The Location

Well! This is one of the most interesting things about a wedding. As you certainly want your marriage to be a grand and memorable event and the location surely plays a significant role. Many couples tend to choose different locations for the wedding ceremony and reception. This keeps helps to keep the acquaintances comfy without having to curb your celebrations. Having considered all that, the location should be agreed upon by both the bride and groom sides. Further, it should be a place comfortable for all the prospective guests as well.

Selecting the Services

There is a wide assortment of services that you require all throughout your wedding functions. Caterers, decorators, photographers, banquets halls, the list just goes on. Deciding upon the best and most affordable services available is not a piece of cake and requires thorough research. So, it’s always better to start well in advance. hosts a vast array of wedding vendors under 36 different categories. All you have got to do is visit and choose the one that fits your purpose.


Now, this is not something that you do just once or twice. Shopping is what you do the most until your wedding is finally concluded. So, all you can do is plan well so there are no last-minute glitches during your wedding ceremony.

These were some points on how to proceed with your wedding preparations.

Hope it helps! 

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