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How to Hire a DJ for Your Wedding

How to Hire a DJ for Your Wedding

Your Wedding Reception is eventually a party and Music makes the party happening. Wedding Entertainment is one way you can make your guests go bonkers. Making your wedding reception phenomenal is not just about delectable dishes and eye-catching décor. Harmonizing background music adds up flavor to the entire event that leaves your guests in admiration. A DJ sets the tone for your reception devoid of which you would have a mere so-so event even with the best food and venue. Thus, hiring a DJ that perfectly suits your needs becomes indispensable in having a fabulous wedding reception.

Merit over Acquaintances

It might be that you have a friend or a cousin who is a DJ and so you wanna go for them. To be sure about if you should choose them, let their merits alone and not your relationship with them be the deciding factor. And if you do, make sure to keep things professional and have a contract that spells out their obligations.

Make a List

Get a shortlist of the popular DJs around your area and interview them. Never go for the one that doesn’t click in the first instance. Have a word with them about their music library and equipment.

Hear Samples

Once you have found one or two DJs that seem right for your event, go ahead and ask them for a music sample. It could be a live performance, a pre-recorded video, or some sample playlists. To go for the best music, you always need a test drive.

Referrals and Reviews

Word-of-mouth is the best source of information, be it about a DJ or anything else. Look for who is being talked about the most and who the people recommend. For particular DJs, count on the reviews of their earlier clients and find out specifically why they recommend them. 

The ‘Playlist’ and ‘Don’t Play List’

It is important to discuss with your DJ about your playlist and also the ‘don’t play list’ to avoid any unpleasant surprises in the final event.

Just follow these tips and you are headed for a grand wedding.

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