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How to Choose a Photographer for Your Wedding

How to Choose a Photographer for Your Wedding

Weddings are phenomenal, Weddings are amazing! And once concluded, they become one of the most cherished memories of your life which you’ll wanna look back towards time and again. Whenever you get all nostalgic and would wanna reminisce about your vows and the beautiful memories of the day when you finally tied the knot, your wedding album would be your perfect haven. And, thus choosing the right photographer to capture your moments to make memories the way you want them to be, is an important decision. Let’s have a look.

1. Set a Budget

There is no use finalizing a photographer you love just to find out that he/she is way beyond your budget. The first step in your search should be to discuss upon how much are you willing to spend upon a photographer and then this should be kept in mind in the process to follow.

2. Decide on Your Style

Your preferred photography style is one of the most important things to decide upon beforehand. Whether you would like it to be a bit off-colored classic or bright and colorful is all up to you. There is a multitude of options you could choose from. There are different photography styles like documentary photography, Vintage Style photography, etc. that present you with a completely different aspect of the same event.

3. Ask for a Portfolio

Three or four photos never tell you the real story and photographers for obvious reasons will showcase their best clicks on their website and even in their studios. Appearances might be deceptive. Ask for a full wedding album to help you reach your conclusion.

4. Narrow Down the Shortlist

Once you know what you are looking for, shortlist and interview photographers that match your style and go for the ones that suit you best.
Always keep a check on what is included in the contract, how long the proofs would take to get to you, and the retouching options.

5. Testimonials and Word of Mouth

Nothing can justify a photographer better than his earlier clients who have just had their weddings shot by him/her. Look for recommendations for a particular photographer once you have a shortlist. A reputable photographer will have numerous clients who will be happy to share their testimonials with you.

Happy Searching! 🙂

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