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Do’s and Don’ts for Diet Plan before Wedding

Do’s and Don’ts for Diet Plan before Wedding

Wedding is one of the most special events of everybody’s life and looking good on their special day is a natural desire everybody has. When you are planning to look appealing in your perfect wedding costume, it becomes absolutely necessary to get into shape in the first place. But the mistake that most to-be brides and grooms make is that they go for quick weight loss plans or fad diets and end themselves up in trouble. Here are some dos and don’ts for pre-wedding diet plans.

Lifestyle Change

Just as marriage is a lifestyle change, so is successful weight loss. It might sometimes be hard to accept but the truth is that good looks aren’t achieved overnight. If you seek to put down a few pounds to look great on your wedding day and continue to look that way in your life ahead, going in for a proper weight loss regime is your only option. There have been people who try to get slimmer have eventually resorted to drinking a dieter’s tea containing laxatives, weeks before the wedding day to speed up their weight loss. It helped them put down a few pounds before the ceremony but they gained most of it back during their honeymoon.

Controlled Diet

Effective and lasting results can only be achieved through diet control and proper exercise for a specified period of time before your big day. Our bodies have been designed in a way that supports gradual changes over longer periods of time rather than short spurts of drastic changes. So it is best never to overdo things, be it exercise or changes in your diet.

Planned Diet & Workout

Depending upon how much time you are left with before your wedding, you could accordingly choose a 6 month or 3-month workout plan and a diet regime. The body is meant to move. The more you move it, the more it stays in shape. Talking about dietary changes, getting low on sugar, fats, and salt is what you should start with. Staying hydrated by taking in an adequate amount of water is another. Coming to foods, eating organic as much as possible, and keeping healthy snacks ready whenever you feel the need to munch is going to work better for you. Exercise and diet control go hand in hand, opting for either one of the two is not going to give you expected results.

Again, it is always about regularity and the work that you put in. Shortcuts sometimes might get you the thing you want, but they do take a toll upon you. And yes, going easy with your body is another thing to keep in mind. A sudden excess of exercise or dieting or both might cause your body to give in. Patience is key.

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