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Bridal Sarees Vs Bridal Lehengas

Bridal Sarees Vs Bridal Lehengas

For the brides-to-be, it is a constant struggle to decide which outfit to pick for their wedding day. Bridal Sarees and Lehengas are the options but owing to the uniqueness of each of the silhouettes, the confusion is never-ending. To ease off one’s dilemma a little, and help you make the right choice, the two silhouettes are discussed below.

Bridal Saree

Sarees essentially portray the Indian culture. A traditional form of dress that can be donned on almost every occasion, the saree portrays a classic and natural beauty. It is simple and traditional, and simple never ceases to be appealing. The saree is a wide piece of unstitched cloth that allows the garment to be clad according to body shape and comfort, providing natural flow and beauty.

It is a good choice for the ones who are keen to experiment with their outfit style and can be given a traditionally sophisticated and gracious look. It is a safe investment as it can be worn over and over in future weddings if one so wishes. That said, beautiful designer sarees cost a lot lesser than lehengas.

Bridal Lehengas

Also known as Ghagra Choli, lehengas are worn specifically on special occasions and by brides in North India and modern cultures. They are a more intricately composed form of outfit designed to fit the body shape. Unlike a saree, the lehenga offers much more volume and structure to the entire outfit, portraying a contemporary look. Lehengas are for the ones looking to celebrate an event with luxury and opulence.

Lehengas are three-piece grand silhouettes that offer great enticement for special events and suit all body types. One thing with lehengas is that they look good when the skirt is tall, so high heels might be your only option. Then, they might seem to outshine sarees but they are compromised with comfort and cost. Though, they are an extravagant fashion statement for brides.

Lehengas may be gorgeous and splendid but the saree has its own in a simplistic and naturalistic manner. Its beauty comes from the way it wraps the skin and swings, capturing the movement of the body.

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