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Bridal Accessory Trends for 2021

Bridal Accessory Trends for 2021

The Solah Shringaar of a bride is incomplete without the right combination of accessories to go with her outfit. Various accessories from fresh flowers to gold jewelry and footwear give the bridal look a finishing touch. With the swaying of weddings towards a more intimate style since the beginning of 2020 brides are looking to go beyond the all draped in red and gold attire to experiment with something new. Listed below are some trending styles which you can give a try.

Accessories: Indian Bridal Hand Jewellery

No bridal outfit is ever complete without jewelry for the hands. Hand accessories intricately detailed with gemstones or diamonds are just the choice for a modern bride and are considered traditionally propitious as well.

Indian Bridal Diamond Jewellery

It cannot be denied that women and diamonds are best friends. So, if you are looking for something new to go perfectly with your bridal look but are worried that your diamond set might go out of fashion in time. Be unbothered and give the diamond choker sets a chance.

Accessories: Maatha Patti

The glamorous maatha patti studded in with gems or pearls expresses the flamboyance of a form of crown for no less than a queen, brides of today who know how to manage themselves in every aspect of life. Give this beautiful style a try.

Layered Pearls and Rubies

Multilayered neckpieces are no longer just a part of the ethnic fashion but have made their way into Indian bridal wear as well. The minimalistic yet delicate strings of gemstones are surely going to give you a glamorous look.

Embellished Bridal Platform Heels

Yes, pencil heels look classy but they do hurt a lot. There is no longer a need to compromise with comfort to look glam. The bridal platform heels are into bridal fashion for 2021. So, go rock your wedding without having to put up with the pain.

Embroidered Boots and Sneakers

It may sound surprising but bridal boots and sneakers are just in, making the dream of every modern bride come true. Intricately linked with thread and luxuriously embellished, these are a unique approach to meet comfort with design for the bridal trousseau.

Accessories: Classic Traditional Juttis

This ethnic wear never goes out of fashion and going for a pair of juttis could never make you go wrong. Pick the one that fits the definition of both traditional and modernistic accurately.

Box Clutches and Evening Bags

Who thought clutch bags could go from being a necessity to a style statement. The thing with owning a clutch bad is that it never goes out of style. They come in various designs and sizes, from being beautifully embroidered to being embellished with fringes and feathers as add-ons. 

Fanny packs and Waist bags

For the modern-day brides of 2021, convenience and utility meet style for the beautifully designed fanny packs are just into bridal fashion. The era of the fusional fanny packs, both functional and glamorous has just begun.

Potli Bags for Your Coeval Wedding

It is time to go classic again as the embroidered potli bags are the new glam statement. The style is passed on from the grandmothers to the mothers, potli bags are a must-have for accessorizing.

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