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Best Wedding Destinations in Uttarakhand

Best Wedding Destinations in Uttarakhand

Wedding Destinations play a crucial role when it comes to planning wedding functions. It is the benevolence of the wedding destination that ultimately adds up to the cheer of the occasion. And that is exactly where Uttarakhand plays its part really well. Uttarakhand offers you a wide variety of wedding destinations that might just catch your eye.

The hills of Uttarakhand are well known for their scenic beauty and serenity. To plan a wedding amidst the elegance of such grace might just make your special moments outstandingly memorable. To ensure how exactly that just might happen, here’s a list of the most famous and the most beautiful wedding destinations in Uttarakhand.


Dehradun is an amazing place to host a wedding especially when you have it during summers. Dehradun is a wedding destination that offers you a wide variety of resorts and hotels to host your wedding with great pomp and show. These include The Lemon Tree, The Solitaire, etc. A North Indian Wedding at a hill station like Dehradun might just be a boon for your guests in the summers.


If you are looking for a substitute for the cool beaches of Goa with the scenic beauty of the mountains, then Rishikesh is just the wedding destination for you. The holy river Ganga and the grace of the mountains of Rishikesh will make your wedding moments the most memorable moments of your life. It also has several resorts and hotels which will serve your purpose well.


Away from the noise and honk of the city, Mussoorie is the perfect wedding destination to make your wedding memories last longer than you would expect them to. With the Himalayan hills in the background of your memorable photos, Mussoorie makes your special moments even more special. Mussoorie offers you a list of various hotels and resorts to help you with your wedding process.


A spiritual place located just in the lap of The Himalayas with a temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu which portrays the marriage of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. This is a perfect spot to plan a Hindu wedding and have the blessings of the Gods to make your wedding perfect. A place blessed both by the Gods and the beauty of nature is just the destination to plan your wedding.


The gem of Uttarakhand with the beautiful view of both hills and lakes. This wedding destination lets you plan your wedding amidst the beauty and chill of the forest. This is a wedding destination away from city noise that gives you perfect alone time with your family to enjoy your wedding ceremony just how you would like to.


Also known as the Lake District, Nainital provides you a destination to plan your wedding amidst the beauty of the Himalayas and the China peak. The Naini Lake adds up to the grace of the spot and makes the place the place of your dreams to host a wedding. There are several wedding resorts and hotels to help you plan your wedding efficiently.

Sand Beach Wedding

You may host your wedding on the banks of the river Ganga which will give you the feel of the beaches of Goa. The pure waters of the sacred river Ganga might make your relationship pure and strong. A beautiful place to make your marriage even more beautiful.


One of the most exotic wedding destinations in Uttarakhand that lets you enjoy your wedding away from the honk of the city in the lap of nature. The scenic beauty will get you relaxed. Away from the crowds, Bhimtal is the destination for you if you are close to nature at hear


Known as the Queen of the Hills, Ranikhet is Heaven on Earth. The place will mesmerize you with its scenic beauty and is a perfect spot to plan your wedding. It is one of the places that witness snowfall during winters. Thus, you have the option if you want to give it a try as a wedding destination for a winter wedding. It has places like Majhkali, Rani Jheel, and Bhalu Dam that add up to the beauty. There are sorts of wedding resorts to organize your wedding ceremony.

Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett might prove to be a very special place for your wedding. It is one of the most famous places in Uttarakhand and is an amazing place to host a wedding. It is a beautiful place for a photoshoot and it might just make your wedding even more memorable. As wedding events might get you quite busy, the place has many hotels and resorts to organize your event. Choosing Jim Corbett as the destination for your wedding might let your guests have a mind-blowing experience that would last for years.

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