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All About Traditional Pahaadi Wedding Jewellery

All About Traditional Pahaadi Wedding Jewellery

The gold jewellery in Uttarakhand is not only quite bold but also is an essential part of a bride’s attire as it reflects the state’s glorious cultural heritage. Mentioned below are some traditional wedding jewellery designs of Uttarakhand.


Bulaq is an ornament for the nose and is an indispensable piece of jewellery worn by the Kumaoni and Garhwali brides. It is famous for its intricately fabricated gold designs

Tehri Nath

The Tehri Nath also known as Nathuli is another captivating nose ornament, made in the shape of the moon worn by Garhwali brides. It is usually gifted by the bride’s maternal uncle. It is available in many eye-catching designs and is well known for its remarkable craftsmanship.

Kundal and Baali

Kundals or gold earrings worn by Pahaari women come in many attractive designs. They are light pieces of jewellery to complement your attire.


‘kaan’ meaning ear and ‘phool’ meaning flower. Usually worn by Jaunsaari brides, kaanphools are the heavy version of kundals with carved out gold motifs. These beautiful pieces of jewellery are known for their stunning designs carved out with expertise.


Made of small gold beads studded on a red cloth pahunchis are jewellery for the hands. Considered to be a propitious ornament, they are worn by garhwali women on special occasions like weddings. They are known for their unique appearance.

Chandan Haar

The Chandan haar is made of gold beads embellished on 4 or 5 strings that are held in place by Kundan clasps. It is the traditional gold necklace of Uttarakhand that looks quite classy.


A small one-piece necklace crafted with the minimalistic design worn by garhwali women on auspicious occasions like weddings. This is a compact and lightweight ornament that would go perfectly even with modern attire.


This one is made by setting designed gold squares on a red cloth using red thread. Another lightweight ornament wore by women around the neck like a collar, which perfectly complements special events.

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